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 10 year anniversary

                       10 years we have served your Locking educational needs


LockerLegends “10 years in revue”

10 years ago when we decided to create Lockerlegends we saw a need in a then growing new locking community for education and understanding ,concerning our wonderful world of Locking.we realized that many stories, and events in locking history were never documented or taught. we recognized the lack of of a wide vision from the many perspectives that produced the dance you see today. and one of the most neglected issues was that of the cultural connection during the times the Dance style was developed.
Since the inception of this sight in 2004, we are proud that we have been instrumental in the knowledge and awareness of todays locking community, we now see many quotes, and post involving our writings ,teachings and concepts all over the world. Just google locking history & there is probably something taken directly from our website posted there,
We were happy to be involved in the first Full week camps taught by original generation Lockers in 2005, We are happy to see Full Locking camps now in existence, with the inclusion of original era Pioneers,
We were happy to connect soul train , social party dancing with the foundation of locking , with the first Social Party Dance class in 2005, Now we see Social Party Dance classes (Soul Dance) taught all over the world,
We were happy to introduce the world to the awareness of Locking before the commercial & performance locking, which has open the awareness to Locking & its connection to the streets, Now we see Locking accepted with the other street forms at events all over the world.
We exposed many early Lost Lockers & their stories & contributions to the world ,including Charles Robot , His exposure was of the utmost importance, because of his connection to Don Campbell (with the robot shuffle) This has allowed the world to understand the connection to Locking with the animated styles of Popping..Today we have seen a movement to connect the many styles of popping back to its  original roots of Northern California to Locking and Roboting, of Southern California.
We are happy to see that Locking & street dance is again connected to the term MOVEMENT, where we were one of the first to teach of the early movement of the 1960s & its connection to the purpose of Locking, Today we see many new school movements , Like Soul Universal, Watts Soul & Locking4life who have taken our lead and with many conversations have again producing the purpose of unity to our dance….
We have seen the uniting of the Original Era with the 1980s era , and international scene ,to now preserve and attempts to pass on this dance as not only a STYLE,,but a true ARTFORM
What up to all who respect dance and the true history
That goes with itI would like to give Big Props
To OGSkeeter Rabbit of the
Original GoGo brothers.Thank you for opening the
Locker legends web site
Of information and for bringing as many lockers and dancers together giving us
The real truth of how this
Movement in our culture
Came about and what it stands for.Once we had a dream in Watts California and
Now a beautiful memory
Of a dream fulfilled thanks
To your diligence and the
friendship of our brother
In Russia Vovan. We luv you

Thanks Mr Higgins and
Always love and Respect.

Your Brother always

Tony Gogo.

“The Rabbit Hole”   a complete review of the events in Review of the lastFunk & Soul era years..
GoGo Radio
FLAME ON RADIO Presents  ”Groovin with the GoGo Brothers”
“you wanted hear the truth… You can’t handle the Truth”
Old school music, with both schools phylosphy
PAGE LINK “Groovin with the GoGo Brothers”
Letter from the editor:
Although I have been the primary web keeper.when this site first started it was not an individual project , it was a combined effort of several people to finally expose a different perspective, Many of their request to preserve much of the lost history promoted ,
myself (Og Skeeter Rabbit), Greg Pope, Tony GoGo, Steve Crane, Greg Dandridge, Guy Evans, Arnetta Johnson, Leo Williamson, Tito Collins, Mike Frenks, Buddy Lombard,Elroy Skiffer and several others other generations, with a vast knowledge of the dance and its era to come together to produce this information, which comes from a variety of personal experiences and research……..…James Higgins ” Og Skeeter Rabbit”
“2003″ we saw very little understanding of the pre Lockers era, and the people who contributed to this era
TODAY…more original Lockers & groups have been exposed and their stories and contributions have been documented through our site, Thank you all who have read, enjoyed and benefitted from the site
we have spent many hours & helped many along the way & now would ask all who have benefitted & enjoyed our site to take a few moments post a comment, about what the site has meant to you on our Facebook Group Page,  join our Lockerlegends Facebook page
Then just ask to join the Lockerlegends /Lockers United Group, we would love for you to share what you think about our website there
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 10 year anniversary

                       10 years we have served your Locking educational needs

THE ART-FORM & CULTURE OF A STREET DANCE IS MUCH MORE THAN THE MOVES THAT CREATE THE DANCE ITSELF. THE ORIGINAL DANCE STYLE CALLED LOCKING HAS DEEP ROOTS WITHIN A ERA , WHICH MENT SO MUCH TO THE UNITY AND DE SEGREGATION OF A PEOPLE…READ…LEARN and understand what brought about the evolution of words like soul and funk.. Understand the DANCERS that contributed to the Original foundation of this dance & opened the door to what exist today as “THE STREET DANCE OF LOCKING”  Help us solidify this from just a dance into a ART-FORM to be passed down to future generations !





IS IT A MOVEMENT OR Just a dance?

The unity of dance and Locking was expressed at the 1972 Watts Stax concert


Independent record companies such as Staxx, Motown and The Sounds of Philadelphia echoed the sounds which reflected the unity, pride and the struggles of our communities. They exposed the soulful harmony of well choreographed vocal groups and gave us the direct heart pounding inspirational music and lyrics of various bands. During these times, the struggle was revealed through the social conscious music sung by artists like Marvin Gaye, James Brown,Curtis Mayfield andIssac Hayes.



The inner city communities of the United States were marked with racial and social unrest during the civil rights movement of the 1960′s.  This generation saw leaders such as Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy assassinated and, those times and struggles were reflected in this music.

In that time There was also a new generation of early rap and revolutionary poetry that was put to beats by groups such as the Last Poets and Gil Scott Heron. During those times, the rhythmic freedom in the African American community could only be found in the inner cities segregated night clubs or in community house parties. The turn of the decade brought about a pride in the accomplishments made during the civil rights struggles.
The BOLD generation of the 1970′s was now free to express itself. SOUL TRAIN became the portal and revealed to the world its’ creativity. Funk music spearheaded the charge and Afro American youth boldly displayed their pride, with large Afro hair styles and colorful creative clothing. During this time, an art form was born. This art form created a subculture which has influenced and transitioned the eras of Funk, Disco and Hip Hop through three decades. Yes! The art form first known as “Campbellocking”
and now simmply as LOCKING


  • written by Og SkeeterRabbit on 5/5/2010



unknown authors quote

Our New Generation has been inspired by the old, However understanding the mission and resposibility to pass on the movement with respect is the challenge issued by the YOUR old school today,Back in the day social poets Gil Scott Heron put out that challenge to the youth of  the 1960s & 70s,,,AND we responded ! YES THERE WAS RAP back then ,and there was a street movement ,Even though the term “HipHop  hadn’t been coined back then




Watts streetmovement of Locking was not only inspired by Don Campbell, but by the social Issues of the 1960s. This movement produced the first group ever..  pictured Left to Right Tony “GoGo” Lewis, James “SkeeterRabbit” Higgins and Edwin “Buddy GoGo” Lombard..from the GoGo, YoYo and CoCo  Watts Brothers Family

 Tony GoGo Interviews   CLICK HERE to read more on the GoGo Brothers Page & view the Video


“WHAT DOES THE WORD FUNK OR FUNKY MEAN”…..People have confused these words for years (click here) By Og Skeeter Rabbit & Tony GoGo




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This section of the website is currently under construction , It will have new school history

and International pages with information from countrys around the world



GREG 1952-2010

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