Interview with Gemini “09”


Gemini has been a leading influence in bridging new and old school streetdance and SPECIALLY LOCKING, An accomplished streetdancer from Paris, France he has studied the history , foundation from its origin. and the technical moves from several Pioneers, Recently he has establish a movement entitled Locking4Life to inspire the New School Lockers to embrace not just the dance but the entire lifestyle.
LOCKERLEGENDS: “We see you have created a New School movement with your project of “Locking4 life” ,
Do you see this movement as a continuation of the Old school Locking movement of unity from the early 1970s ?

GEMINI “Definaly , I always make reference to the roots and the Locking pionners in my teaching and in all  my concepts .To me a good “New School” concept has to be connected to the Original form and spirit , then everybody is free to devello it  as they feel it ,  unity is a big part of the Locking movement , we need to respect everybody s interpretation , like Don campbell, says “freedom of expression” .

LOCKERLEGENDS “We have read that part of your decision to choose that name with the suffix , 4life was because of its historical meaning in street history, meaning that it is a commitment for life, a commitment to the subculture and movement. Is that so ? And is that your commitment to Locking ?

GEMINI: Exactly , I have embraced the Locking art form, from 1989 , and at that time Locking had lost some of its popularity and was not a “big” dance style, at that time …As a dancer I practice many dance styles , but Locking always been a special style, to me. And my love for it is my driven force , I have always believed in that dance. And I have always supported it no matter what ,  It has become so much in my life that the name “locking4life, came naturaly … 

LOCKERLEGENDS :”Do you think that commitment will make better Lockers and Not just Dancers?

GEMINI :”It can make better Lockers ,But that depends on what you are you looking for. I am an artist , and a  dancer , because I am expressing myself with the art of dance.also with my own creativity , But I am also  a Locker , This is because I want to represent that entire art form and what it stands for the best I can , and not just represent myself and my personal interpretation”  .

LOCKERLEGENDS: “Is there a difference between a LOCKER and a Locking Dancer, what do you believe is the difference ?

GEMINI; “To me  , a dancer can do locking routines that are taught to them ,They can also sometimes do locking solos , they can do what is taught and asked of them to create a show , but to me a true locker is someone who has a deeper understanding of the dance , and I am not talking about just the moves , I m talking about a total understanding of the dance style and it s culture ,with a deep knowledge and a desire to keep learning, with  a strong dedication …  As an exemple , I can pop but i am not a popper .I can top rock but I m not a bboy . I can do those styles. but they are not who I am or what I represent as a dancer. and that is said with a great respect to other dancers who are deep into popping or bboying ….. Dance is dance  , there are “multi-styles” dancers and specialist of each artform who are into their chosen styles , you got to respect that deeply ? …

LOCKERLEGENDS: How important is it for today’s Lockers to have a movement and a purpose and not just the moves?

GEMINI ; “In everything it is always better to know and understand where we are coming from, or else how do we know where we are going , learn your history and not only the roots or only whats going on today …learn the entire history …

LOCKERLEGENDS: ‘How has Lockerlegends influenced you and your understanding of the Locking sub culture?

GEMINI: Lockerlegends gave me a lot of info about the Roots of locking and especially about the subculture of Locking , It gave me meaning to what I am doing , and it is also “THE” place to go on the web for everybody interested in trying to understand the Locking art form,and what made and still makes the dance so powerful and important ..


LOCKERLEGENDS: “What current pioneers have influenced you most in your locking career ?, and how?

GEMINI: My first strong inspiration during the 90’s  was  the L.A City Rockers and SHABBADOO . Then I had the privilege to learn directly from, and dance  with many of the original pionners , Mr PENGUIN , DON , GREG ,  FLUKY LUKE , SHABBADOO, TONY GO GO  and OG SKEETER RABBIT ,I have had many discussions , went clubbing ,  practiced locking,  judged many battles with these pioneers. ,I was also fortunate to do a few shows with some of them . I have learned, I still learn a lot from them  today …I also spent a lot of times with Lockers from different generations , like RICHIE RICH and  LOOSE CABOOSE , both of them are also  a big inspiration to me …Everybody I mention above have taught me different things and showed me different ways … As an artist it s very important to open Your mind  ..

LOCKERLEGENDS: Some people teach moves , some people teach choreography and some people teach  philosophy of Locking.. What do you teach,? which do you think is the most important and why?

GEMINI: “I trying to teach all of those 3 elements , and I let people decide , how they feel , and where they want to go with the dance , i do not teach limitations, the door is open , I am trying to teach a full view of the major interpretations of the Locking dance style , the importance of the original style and its development all the way up until now …

LOCKERLEGENDS: Many promoters hire one instructor at a time to teach locking, although this is great when you have a good instructor , we believe that when locking is taught by two or more experienced instructors, the class is able to see the dynamics of the interaction of Locking, do you think this is a true statement ?, and if so who do you most like to teach with and why?

GEMINI: Of course if a promotor can hire more than one Locking teachers at the same time ,Many of the real dedicated pioneers are not even worried about being hired all of the time, they just show up to help each other out because they know how important it is for todays lockers to see the dynamics of the brotherhood interactions.  , I had that experience, recently in Philladelphie with OG SKEET and LOOSE CABOOSE ,  All  3 of us were hired as Locking teachers , and it was great ,we all showed up to support each others class. I was teaching after OG SKEET  , who emphasis the philosophy of Locking and its fundametals and roots, to his clas, and it was great , Then I was able to emphasis choreography and the use of different music gender in todays locking to my class !. The two classes complimented each other well. The students needed to see how both fit together.  I love sharing with other teachers , and to me the best is to join different generations of dancers …

LOCKERLEGENDS: “It has been discussed that Locking needs a unifying body or organization, do you think this is needed and why ?

GEMINI: “That would be great , I hope to see it soon , every Locker  needs to take the time to know each others , and share different point of views , and especialy to understand each others ,an organization that we all could be a part of is really needed. so that we as lockers can have a voice in todays dance world.  Unity is definaly the key to the success of the Locking art form. And LockerLegends is a great start for that to happen, in my opinion …

LOCKERLEGENDS: Many of today’s teachers and students believe locking to be just character entertainment, with no foundations. This has led to a more clowning affect in the dance. Do you think this good or bad for locking ? And How ?

GEMINI: To me there is a difference betwen Campbellocking and Locking, And there is a difference betwen  party dance and cuttin’ up !!!   ,  Not understanding the difference causes a big confusion in the Locking world , Everything gets mixed up,  without a good understanding of what dancing situation you are in at the time you cannot adjust. !  Your Locking style needs to adapt depending on were you are dancing ! If you are in a show ? it is different than if you are in a battle ? The same with a club ?  or if you are dancing dancing with a girl ? , Each situation is different and the way you lock and the amount of freedom you have should be diffrent in each. This is were I think the Locking world has really gotten confused, I respect every “Funky” Locking style , and Funky to me means Real ! it does not mean old school , or groovy , or funny , it means REAL ! be real and proud of yourself  that s the Funky way to me …

LOCKERLEGENDS: Where would you suggest students go to learn about Locking?
GEMINI: Learn as much as you can , open your mind to every form ,every concept, different interpretations of the Locking dance style   , understand the spirit and the roots and  be current, you will never be better than yourself ! adapt the Locking dance style to Your personality and your culture  ,learn the history of that dance style  and  let us learn about You ! Right here on Lockerlegends is a great forum to learn and express I am on here and so are many others with a lot of experience.
LOCKERLEGENDS: Where do you see Locking going in the future ? I can see a very good futur for the Locking art form ,  it made an incredible come back those recents years , more is coming for those who are keeping the spirit and love that dance …
Is there anything else you want to say , to Lockerlegends ?
GEMINI: I am very happy about this interview , it s an honor to me and I m proud to be part of the Locker Legends , I hope it will help , and give a better insight of my work ,  I would like to thank Locker Legends for what they are providing !!!  and a big shoot out to all the lockers in the world !!! Best regards