The GoGo Brothers of Watts, Ca

The Los Angeles Sports Arena
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The GoGo Brothers Legacy ” A REAL STREET LEGEND” from Watts ,California and Verbum Dei High School to around the world

The GoGo brothers on Soul Train second season 1972

The first seen Is Greg Cambellock Jr who danced with the GoGo brothers  at watts writers workshop and then with the Lockers then the camera switches to Tony GoGo from the Verb class of 73, he is briefly followed by soul train legend lil Joe chasm ,, Then the camera switches to line one where Buddy GoGo in the gold with the stripped sox ,class of 73 does early locking moves. the camera briefly switches to like two ,, and then back to line one  where  Skeeter Rabbit with the  (class of 73) with the white crossed suspenders , doing kick splits ..later in the video can be seen Kevin YoYo from the Verbum Dei Class of 74.. this is what made up

The GoGo & YoYo brothers Group

Every now and then there are legends of street culture who can transcend street into the commercial or organize the world of sport & entertainment .

 If you go into any basketball gym in this country you can find rumors & stories of legends who never made it but should have , remarkable recounts of remarkable feats of talent. They are immortalized under colorful street names , with multiple stories of everything from drug addiction to racial in opportunities  as to the reason of a non transition from street to an inclusion of fame & wealth , 

And the same holds true for the legends of streetdance They faced the same , the stories of these legends are locked in the gyms of nightclubs & house-parties , on street corners & parks with remarkable feats of creativity , surrounded by remarkable odds of survival. 

Just as in other social street activities these legends face the daily disappointment of watching those of lessor talent ,who learned , copied and replicated from them succeed in a world of nepotism & politics , where success is based not on the ability but rather on the accessibility of the lucky or privileged ! 

Even Verbum Dei High School does not know the influence it has had on the world  

from the U.S. to Japan

Tony GoGo carried on the GoGo brothers tradition in Japan

The term Go-Go Brothers have been connected to the Art form of Locking since 1971Tony GoGo photo tony012007.jpg

Grand Master Locker Tony Go-Go , Co founding member of the original Go Go Brothers group has preserved and developed the Go-Go legacy for over three decades. After leaving the Original Lockers Group in the early 1980s Tony has taught and developed not only The Original Art of Locking in Japan for the past two decades but he recognized, created and developed a style of Locking in Japan which combined other styles along with a Locking Foundation to form a style known as “Lock Fusion” when we asked Tony how this came about , He said he noticed some tendencies in many of his students to change the angles of the locks along with combining moves, often this was done with-out finishing the previous move..Tonys’’ background immediately said uh-oh “Slop Locking” Then he realized that what had happened was many of these students were not fundamentally sound with old school locking principals.. The Student which were solid in the Old school original style fundamentals could also perform his Lock-fusion style with-out the Slop locking effect.. Well we have watched it develop over the years and it is unique to the Asian style of Locking . Tony is now considered the innovator of the Japanese style of Lock-Fusion.. “That sure fit’s the saying educate before you recreate”

What up to all who respect dance and the true history
That goes with it

I would like to give Big Props
To OGSkeeter Rabbit of the
Original GoGo brothers.

Thank you for opening the
Locker legends web site
Of information and for bringing as many lockers and dancers together giving us
The real truth of how this
Movement in our culture
Came about and what it stands for.

Once we had a dream in Watts California and
Now a beautiful memory
Of a dream fulfilled thanks
To your diligence and the
friendship of our brother
In Russia Vovan. We luv you

Thanks Mr Higgins and
Always love and Respect.

Your Brother always

Tony Gogo.

Tony GoGo Speaks on keeping the new generations spirit alive in Locking

GoGo explains his dancing roots in a interview and he talks about other founding GoGo Brothers, James SkeeterRabbit Higgins and Edwin ” Buddy GoGo” Lombard

Og Skeeter Rabbit & Tony GoGo talk about the Original GoGo Brothers family

Tony is The only Grand Master Locker residing in Japan, He has trained several Master Students who reside in Japan, but none more prominent than his two sons These two carry on the tradition as the second generation Go-Go Brothers, You can see they learned from only the very best Tony said “When Me, Skeet and Buddy got together in the early 70s we worked on steps over and over again

The Original GoGo Brothers




Tony GoGo and his Sons as he teaches them the streetdance artforms at a young age

and that’s the way I taught them” , They have a strong synchronized locking background and have also been tutored by the likes of Greg Cambellock jr.

Greg & Tony & Skeeter (Japan 2004)The GoGo Brothers Reunion Japan 2004
Tony GoGo,og Skeeter Rabbit,Caboose, Greg photo scan0014.jpg

Original GoGo brothers Tony & Skeeter alongwith family GoGo Brother  member Manny “Loose Caboose” Tristan and Original Locker and long Time GoGo brother affiliate and member of “Creative Generation Greg Cambellock Jr. Pope. At Tony GoGos 30 year GoGo brothers reunion performance In Japan 2004

and their popping influence came from directly members of the World famous Electric Boogaloos,   Tony has often said to become one of the best you got to be around the best.

                                   The Original Skeeter Rabbit 1974
skeeterRabbit photo scan0002-2.jpg

After their first U.S. performance at the 2004 B-Boy summit, we caught up with Original Go-Go Brothers Member and  Master Locker & Pioneer James Higgins “The Original Skeeter Rabbit” and asked him what he thought of the second generation Go-Gos. He said “Tony did a great job, nothing made me prouder than to see the name carried on with such talent and style” Tony has instilled in those boys, a lot versatility.. And yet they are so precise when doing synchronized steps “But I’m not supprised that is what I would expect from Tony, he has contributed so much to Locking, its about time he received his do,

“People always ask about the GoGo and YoYo Brothers” Skeet said ” People saw the Lockers because they did a lot of national TV shows,But Unless you were from the real street and nightclubs of Los Angeles in the early 1970s you didn’t know that we were actually the first group to actually perform sychronized locking , and and we were also the first to be seen on local TV, during a basketball half time performance in 1972″.But it was just a local broadcast, and thats what set the tone for many other groups including the LOCKERS to form “There were a lot of people who came through that locking tradition”and only some was recognized. Although he was never officially a GoGo brother you’ll often see Original Locker Greg Cambellock Jr in many pictures with us , thats because we not only danced with him in the group the LOCKERS” but he and Scooby doo Foster. would often come to Watts to hang out with us at various functions, later we asked Greg and Scooby to join us and the TOOTA WOOTA SISTERS ( Arnetta “Nettabug” Johnson”, Lorna “Dune” Shelly Cepeda,) to form “The group CREATIVE GENERATION” So he has been affiliated with us in the brotherhood for a long time”. “so you see the Locking street movement was well in swing long before the “LOCKERS GROUP” was founded” “It was actually Mr.Pinguine (Fred Berry) who gave the GoGo & YoYo Brothers their name. he also was from the Watts area,and was a School Dance legend long before he became a locker. One of his street nick names was “Puff n Stuff” at first, he would do a lot of James Brown moves. ” when Don first start doing the first basic Locking flavor it hit like wild fire.We The GoGo brothers were doing our thing in the schools, But. Don was over 21 and primarily in the Night Clubs, Scooby and Greg was about a year older than us and all ready out of school. Clubs like Mavricks Flats and the Summit was for ages over 18 and over, so  all the best dancers including Don was able to meet at those clubs, At that same time, back in the streets and the hoods The GoGo brothers grew into a huge well known Locking Family, There was GoGos, YoYos and CoCos and other groups  all part of the Family. almost everyone at my school wore Soul Train shoes ,pizza and apple caps to the dances. There were no PROFESSIONAL groups at that time and “The Lockers” group had not been created yet..It was only the GoGo Brothers family..
People are always confused as to who actually later Performed in the group the Lockers.. well yep I was brougt into the group on the Frank Sanatra tour in 1974 and performed in a lot of their Live performances.But because of some contract disputes I was kept out of the Television performances, and I left the group in early 1975. It was sad that the world dosn’t have that footage of me with the group. but it worked out I went on to perform on the Cher Show and got back with my old street group 33rpm and we did some shows and  touring. And the Lockers, eventually did get some GoGo brothers flavor when my Boy , Tony got in , just look at the difference from there early routiens and the ones with him there.. You can see the GoGo Brothers flavor

Skeet & Tony Japan 2008 photo DSC01145.jpg
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L/R Kip, Kevin YoYo, BuddyGoGo, TonyGoGo, SkeeterRabbit, & Navaho Joe

Other members of the GoGo brothers Locking Family 1973 & Enock “Elmer Fudd”Smith(RIP)

                         The GoGo & YOYO Brothers family from 1971 to Today
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     The Original GoGo & YoYo brothers family 1971 From VERBUM DEI HIGH SCHOOL   
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Tony GoGo in Japan wearing his Verbum Dei High School colors

Skeet's verbum Dei sweater photo sweaterphoto-1.jpg

                                                                                                                                                Skeeter Rabbits Verbum Dei High School Colors 1973

The GoGo and YoYo brothers family Legacy has transended into its fourth decade with generations dating back to 1971, the very beginning of sychronized locking, two of the groups original members,Tony Lewis aka Tony GoGo and James Higgins aka OG SkeeterRabbit performed with various proffessional Locker Groups groups including “THE LOCKERS” The family of GoGo and YoYo brothers duo and trios started in the high school schoolyard of Verbum Dei in Watts, California and grew to include also the COCO BROTHERS, Many of the Dancers from this brotherhood leaneage has went on to do great things in the dance and entertainment field.This is a True family brotherhood that still exist today with Todays generation GoGo brothers Rei and Yuu

Comment (below) and Bio by ORIGINAL GOGO BROTHER  Edwin “BUDDY GO-GO” Lombard
buddy photo Edwin_Photo_2.jpg

“I think this website is great and man was it needed  my daughters really got a kick out of showing there friends the website. I’m working on getting some picture to you once I find them. Also I’ll send a bio to update you on somethings I have done over the year’s. Keep up the good work. It’s about time someone put the story straight”

Much Love
The Original Go-Go Brothers were organized out of Verbum Dei High School in Watts, 1971 Tony Lewis and Edwin Lombard combined to form the original Go-Go brothers they were joined by James “Skeeter Rabbit” Higgins to form the group trio “The Go-Go Brothers”While Tony and Skeeter went on to continue dance careers. Buddy Go-Go also continued on in the Entertainment field. After being discharged from the US Navy with distiguished honors, He went on to obtain his college degree in accounting.Down through the years Edwin has worked as a personal manager and have provided bussiness management services for artist such as the Temptations, The Jacksons, Prince, Louis Gossett Jr and a host of others.Edwin Buddy Lombard is currently President and CEO of Edwin Lombard Management Co. He currently resides in Sacramento , California with his wife Glenda and his three daughters Brianna,Mckennzie and Sydnee

                                    THE 2ND GENERATION YOYO BROTHERS 1974
1975 Mike "Peekaboo"Frenke photo MikePeekaboo-1.jpg photo MikeYoYobrother.jpg photo LeoYoYo.jpg

“Peek a boo” Frenke                                                                Leo “Shaboo” Walker

In 1973 Mike “Peek a boo” Frenke was introduced to Locking and later along with duo partner Leo “Shaboo” Walker introduced street style C walk footwork into Locking, after the merger of the Original GoGo & YoYo brothers into one group, under the name  “The GOGO brothers, Peekaboo and Shaboo became known as the 2nd generation YoYo brothers, and was often seen doing local shows with the Original GoGo brothers. later “Peekaboo” Frenke & The Original Skeeter Rabbit also became a familiar duo ,often found at local clubs, such as Mavrick’s Flats, Peekaboo went on to dance with the famed group Thirty 3 rpm 


carried on the GoGo YoYo tradition as they introduced the footmoves of cripwalk into Locking, they also performed with the early group “The WhichAWay dancers”

                                               THE COCO BROTHERS 1973

This Duo,Bishop “CoCo Hall & Reggie “CoCo” also created in 1973 was Part of  the GoGo YoYo Family out of Watts California, Bishop CoCo Hall originally attended Verbum Dei. Leaving to attend and establish the CoCo Brothers at Jordan High School in 1973  They were often seen on Soul Train and at the street scenes & functions.

no picture available

                            THE NEXT GENERATION OF GOGO BROTHERS as the influence of the group broke down racial barriers ,as Tony GoGo migrated to the suburban area of Orange county, He established a second generation of GoGo brothers in 1978

               Taught and created by Tony GoGo himself in 1978 the duo of


                      Ron “Cisco Kid of the OC” Castle & Manny “Loose Caboose Tristan 

Note: This is the second generation Cisco Kid, The Original Cisco Kid was with the pioneer group “The Ghetto Dancers of the inner-city  This duo took on and carried on the GoGo family tradition as Locking migrated to the supburbs of Orange County, California


                             Old School & New School GOGO BROTHERS

 photo GoGoFamilycopy1.jpg
(Top)Caboose & Skeet      (Bottom)  REI & YUU , Tony GoGo’s two sons

GoGo Brothers GBW Video from Japan 2008

                                         riased and taught many style in Japan these

                                         are two of the most dynamic streetdancers

                                                    in todays locking movement. 

In 2016 the GoGo Brothers Legacy was honored at the 3 day  Swedish Funk Camp and Festival ,

The expansion of the GoGo brothers family has now extended nationally with a GoGo brothers South with Orlando Magic & Branden Femster , through its first international member Robert Wager