NEW Interview with “Sinbad Crane”

August 2010
Locking Pioneer Steve “Sinbad “ Crane

Locking has had many Groups who contributed down through the years, But our history has not shed light on many of the Original groups and Original pioneers, who were some of the very first to open the doors for the more famous groups and dancers. One of the early groups was one known as the “Ghetto Dancers” This group featured some of the very first early Pioneers of Locking. And Lockerlegnds is Very happy to have found one of the Finest Steve “Sinbad” Crane

Lockerlegends: Hi Steve Its great to have you on here, How did you reconnect with todays locking world , and did you ever expect it to be going strong after all these years,

Steve “Sinbad” Crane : “Well that’s a two part question , First I was completely shocked, and that brings me to a long story I’ll make short, Early one morning I saw a TV show with this group on it , I had never heard of, or seen this group back in the day ,But somehow they had produced what ,they called a documentary about Locking, I was Shocked to hear so many distorted stories about our history,That I had to call the TV station and express my concern, Then, about a week later I was working late at night , Some of you may know I just retired from a long career in Law Enforcement, When I went to this house to help this lady with a problem, when I left she said “thanks” and then she said her son was in Law Enforceent, well. I had often heard that my old locking friend, James Higgins, who you know as Skeeter Rabbit, was a detective for one of the departments, so I asked her who her son was, and Bingo. It was him, We went back in the house , She called him, It was about 1am, in the morning, woke him up, and and we talked , I found he he was re involved in todays dance world. He said he had found much the same distortion that I had , so there it is I’m back”

Lockerlegends: Wow ! I know everyone wants to know how did you get that name,

Sinbad, “Well actually its because of the way I dressed, people think we all wore the stage locker stuff all the time , but we didn’t,, Captain Sailor hats were popular then, and I would wear that kind of hat, with my big head and little body and with a large built tight around my waist and people would say I looked like Sinbad the Sailor..”

Locker legends : Speaking of names how did the Ghetto Dancers get their name ?

Sinbad: “Well at first we were called “Captain Crunch and the Funky Bunch” It kind of fit because Greg Dandridge, One of our members dance name was Captain Crunch, But some members of our group didn’t like the billing so we settled on the Ghetto dancers..”

See the rest of Steve’s Exclusive interview in Part 1 and part 2 of the video below Video..

Thanks so much Steve