Many of these groups and dancers were lost in the history, As most of he time we only recognized those we have seen on television or in movies, But many of these are real street pioneers. Some of which existed before The Group “The Lockers” ever formed. These dancers were actually the inspirations from the streets, They inspired the performances of Locking that you were able to see on stage and screen, Many were dancers who were influenced by the social movement of the 1960s, and passed on that inspiration, Others were inspired by some of the pioneer dancers who became, commercial professional performers,and only after the stage had been developed. But they all deserve recognition for there contributions…On this page you will find both the recognition for what was done on the streets and parties, as well as what was done on the stage.

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The first modern era street dance group to perform shows with entire routiens



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In the 1960’s The Watts Writers Workshop was formed to develop entertainment talent in the inner cities of Watts, Compton and Los Angeles. In 1972 they recognized the beginning stages of the artform of locking. The Watts Writers Workshop invited several known Locking dancers to study, teach and perform for their workshop. This was to be the first unisex locking dance group and the creation of many synchronized routines Members : Tony Lewis, Edwin Lombard ( The GoGo Bros), James Higgins( Skeeter Rabbit), Greg Pope (Campbellock Jr,), Jimmy Foster (Scooby Doo), Arnetta Johnson, (NettaBug) Fredie Maxie, Lorna Dune & Shelly Cepeda ( These Female Lockers were known as the Toota Woota Sisters).

Gerg Campbellock Jr. Member of The Group “Creative Generation



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The Ghetto Dancers
ghettodancers photo scan0001-1.jpg

Formed in 1973. These locking dancers were pioneers who came from the true source. They performed (as a group) on the TV show American Bandstand and were well respected in the inner city nightclubs and on the locking dance circuit. They were often seen at Maverick’s Flat, The Summit on the Hill and Blueberry Hill Nightclubs. This group performed with Kool and the Gang and at the tribute to Quincy Jones celebration.and “The Tonight Show” Hosted by Steve Allen Members: Greg Dandridge ” Captain Crunch”, Eugene Henderson “F&M”, Steve Crane “Sinbad” Morris Bailey “Cisco Kid”, Kenny Henderson “FleaLock”

In 1975 members F & M and FleaLock left the group and The original Skeeter Rabbit performed two shows with the Ghetto Dancers Group, The picture above was taken at A tribute show for Quincy Jones Show, Standing, Steve “Sinbad” Crane, Morris “Cisco Kid” Bailey. Greg “Captain Crunch” Dandridge, (Floor) James “Skeeter Rabbit” Higgins

Morris “CiscoKid” Bailey (RIP)

Morris Bailey better Known as “Cisco Kid” with the Early Pioneer Locking group “The GhettoDancers” He was an Early Soul Train Dancer and a regular at Clubs like Blueberry Hill and Mavricks Flats in the Early 70s he will be forever missed by those that were there from the beginning of the Locking movement and were able to see his energy,love and contribution to the Dance of Locking.



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The original & first group organized by Don Campbell ,and managed by Sonny Craver

this group only complete a partial tour, with Don Campbell, Charles “Robot” Washington.

Bill “Slim Williams”  & Fred “Mr. Pinguin Berry

Note: The group “The Campbellock Dancers” Had not yet developed Choreographic skills, they had combined the solo dancing displaying the new dance of Locking , and the newly animated dance of ROBOT ,in a solo performance atmospher

The Group “The Lockers


THE MOST INFLUENTIAL group ,who broke the entertainment barriers & exposed locking to the world Although the group was primarily known for its stage and performance contribution, Don Campbell and other members such as Greg Pope ,Leo Williamson, Fred Berry and Bill Williams began there Locking contribution with street and party influence

Members of the Lockers

Don “Campbellock” Campbell

Greg “Campbellock Jr. Pope (RIP)

Leo “Fluky Luke” Williamson

Fred “Mr. Pinguin” Berry (RIP)

Bill “Slim” Williams

Adolpho “Shabba doo”

Toni Basil

Also there were two official alternates ,who both danced with the group in the early to mid 70;s James “Skeeter Rabbit” Higgins, who toured with the group in 1974 & Tony “goGo” Lewis who was added to the group in the mid 70s (both were members of the famed GoGo Brothers & Watts Writers “Creative Generation” crews prior to joining he LOCKERS


The Lockers Group 1976 with Tony GoGo( Note: Tony Basil and Fred Berry left to pursue personal careers).. 

The Group “33rpm”

The Group 33 RPM organized in 1974 toured with Sid and Marty Kroft and performed on the wide world of sports Globe Trotters anniversary show. This group performed high level quick moving synchronized routines. right picture: ( Pictured left to right) “The Lionel (”Big D” ) Douglas, James Higgins (Skeeter Rabbit) “John Wilson (”Okie Doke”) Michael Frenke (”Peek a boo” ), ,(single picture)Haywood (”Tito”) Collins . (Not Pictured), Tony “Go Go” Lewis, Also not pictured is manager and alternate dancer Cameron “Cam” Walker

The Alphabet Kids



This group was formed by Haywood “Tito” Collins Pictured (on the far right) in 1974 this group was significant in the early locking market showing how locking had affected the younger generation and had become a movement , this group was the first Locking group to compete and WIN the Television Gong Show in 1975 , shown here with dancer John St Cier ( far left) the group would often incorporate various soul train dancers such as “Tick” and Mr. X into their act. They were managed by AIMEE ENTERTAINMEN


something special

A unique group of soul train dancers which featured early Locking icons Jimmy “Scooby Doo Foster ” & Pat Davis, although this group was not a classical Locking crew , as they exhibited many of the early dancing styles , Locking was featured by two of the best,

Wild And Peaceful


The above Group Formed in 1974 out of LA Jefferson High School, with streetdancers from South central Los Angeles, They became well known throughout the Los Angeles Street circuit for their involvement with High school show competitions



There were several generations which had members who danced with the group “the Lockers” In 1974 James “SkeeterRabbit’ Higgins was added and performed with them during the “Frank Sanatra” Tour 1974, In 1976 Tony GoGo was added and performed with the group,

Although the Original Professional Group was legally signed to ICM management. Don Campbell would sometimes assemble impromptu groups of pioneers together to perform live, at various functions, often at Hollywood Funtions such as the Hollywood Theater owners Christmas Events and the Friers club parties,They would perform as “The Lockers” This included pioneers such as Fred Berry, Mike “Peekaboo” Frenke, Tito Collins, Skeeter Rabbit, Tick, Mr X and others ,  By the end of the 1970’s The original Group had gone through various changes, and The name “The Lockers had been used by various members of the Original Group. during the late 70s up until resent times, They have assembled to perform at various times in history. using names like “The Original or Fabulous LOCKERS, also during the 1980s several other combinations of originals and post Soul Train dancers was put together, Below see some of the Later generations..

lockers4 copy

The above group formed in the late 1970s after Fred Berry & Toni Basil left ,and when the Original Lockers Trio of Greg Cambellock Jr, Leo Flukey Luke & Shabbadoo, broke away forming their own faction of Lockers , in the above group you see Original early 70s Members Slim, Tony GoGo & Don Campbell, along with original era pioneer Alpha Anderson, and Orange County talent  Lewis “The Deputy” Green. “Stan the man”


Later in the early 1980s , by that time Don Campbell re constructed several versions ,with several members under the Group name “THE LOCKERS”

TOP: Lional “BigD” Douglas, Don Campbell,BELOW” Lewis “Deputy Green, Anna “Lollipop” Sanchez, Greg Campbellock Jr. and Alpha Anderson.. This group was put together in the Late 1970s after the evolutionary period,


who were from the inner city or soul train scene before the dance desegregated and migrated to suburban cities like Orange County & The San Fernando Valley

Below is a list of other Pre commercial era dancers They are ORIGINALS from the early Locking stages. They are either connected by there involvement with Soul Train or the initial Night Clubs of that era. Some are only known by nickname but we want to recognize their involvement in the evolution of the art.

Leo Walker “Shaboo” second generation Yo-Yo brother , Singer and choreographer , Pat Davis – original Member of the Soul Train Gang ,Sneaky T – Early original pioneer ,Jeffery “Cat Man”Macintire – Early 70s pioneer ,Roy “LieLock” Early Pioneer ,SamboLock “one of the first Pioneers ,Bishop Hall & Reggie Co-Co “Bang Bang” very early locking pioneer “,Sweet T” early soul Train and locking dancer ,Guy “Shocklock”  Evans , Jackie Penn, Rose January, Arnetta Johnson, Shelly Cepeda, Lorna Dune, Seaside,Hotdog, Bob “Fuji Malone, Enoch “Elmer Fud” & Peter G and the mid 70s “Which a Way dancers” many members of the early GoGo & YoYo brothers family ,..


from the original era




After the evolutionary period in the early 1970s the dance was spreading, by two means, personal migration opened the doors in Southern California, with the acceptance of integration, but it also continued to be passed down in the Original inner-city areas where it originated, 80s Old school legends can be found in Orange County, Ventura Valley and South Central Los Angeles hoods as well as other cities throughout the USA


Where dancers saw and imitated the lockers 7 their performances


Below are a list of dancers who came after the original era, some were from areas which had now opened up from prior segregation and made names for themselves in their locking communities

These are The Old schoolers from different generations of Los Angeles


Mid 70s Hollywood dance scene

Cam Walker

Denny Terrio


The Late 70s & 80s Inner City Oldschooles from Watts,Compton & South Central & Long Beach as the dance migrated to the suburbs it was also passed down to inner city groups


Lockers from late 70s & 80s , who went on to become members of the Electric Boogaloos

Suga Pop

Stephan Nichols



Charles (Kaptin Krunch) Washington

John “Scooby Two”Robinson


The Orange County (OC) Generation  of Locking scene began around 1973 and after the initial & original inner-city movement created a locking market,Its exposure came through soul train, & the migration to suburban eras by some original Soul Train & Lockers members .. The Orange county scene also produced commercial oportunity, for groupd like (OC) Funky Bunch, Dance Machine,  leading into the Las Vegas dancing scene of the 1980s, The  many notables from that performance era were

Lewis Green “Deputy”

Lional Douglas “Big D”

Anna “Lollipop” Sanchez

Manny “Loose Caboose” Tristan

Steve ” Sugarfoot” Notario

Tony “Crackerjack” Pierce

Vince Harper

The San Fernando Valley locking scene took flight beginning in the late 1970s after exposure to locking through soul train & Locking performances, this locking scene opened the door by its close connection to entertainment industry of Hollywood, That Valley style of Locking influenced the Michael Jackson style & the Breaking movies of the 1980s, which featured original Locker Adolpho “Shabba doo” Queonneis, 

Paul & Tom Sanchez

Richard “Richie Rich”Lenchner

Shawn “panda’ Whittington

Although many were not from the ORIGINAL ERA which produced & created Locking , these dancers contributed to the continued evolving of the dance throughout the later 70s into the 80s & shy todays standards are still considerers “OLD SCHOOL PIONEERS”…much respect to these other dances

By Mid to late1970’s the dance had also migrated from Orange County to Las Vegas, through the production of groups by promoter Jeff Kutiage, who formed the group Dance Machine , and later produced the Las Vegas Show Splash, through this Dancers like Frank Sundance Sams ,Ricochet Rabbit, Steve Notorio, Tony Crackerjack pierce, Vince Happer and others were developed this show ran for over 20yrs

Anyone with information on any of these dancers or any forgotten “True Pioneers”

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