That soul popping, Funk Locking music that inspired the social party dances of the 60s and 70s , with that all inspiring Funk of the soul Train & Locking era


Old school & new school favor to groove or move to, we get down with the classic jazz to the smooth jazz all the was to that get down funk jazz instrumentals of the 60s & 70s, with just a touch of that social conscious music 101 ,educate before you recreate

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We groove to that Soul to that Funk all day, from old school Funk Jazz ,that we danced to, atl the way to that 1960s & 70s Soul Music ,we partied & grooved to, New School and old school, classic to Instrumental Funk, all those, soulful ballads on Rhythmic House party night. To the hard booking in the clubs to that Hot Funk We do it all .. Join us to get your groove on , but to also educate yourself in our Music 101 sessions , to learn the meaning and purpose of the aspirations to your dance world

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The music isWhat we about, The dance is the way we express it

From the Soul and the History of African American music ,poetry , Dance came a movement , we here at Rhythmic Movement radio carry on that movement , In Jazz,Funk & Soul , with just a touch of  Comedy we are old school with an educate before you recreate attitude so we promote the education for of the New school along with nostalgia for the old school Party groove & funk with us ,with our compressive discussions from musical , entertainment & sports issues. We at Rhythmic Movement Radio are dedicated to the preservation of the Past to the education of the future , through todays exposure to its musical History BROADCASTING FROM THE RABBIT HOLE ON THE ISLAND OF SOUL The GoGo brothers family have been around since the beginning of street dance , educating and entertaining , now they are bringing their education of music & the era of dance that the music inspired together so if you want to groove with the sounds of soul & funk and hear great interviews and discussions on the message of the music & the dances that went with them , Tune in every Sunday morand Educate B4U Recreate

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