The Inspirations 

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Don Cornnilius, Host and producer of the Dance Show “Soul Train” This is the show that opened the door for america to see inside the creative , soulful musical and dance world of African Americans

The Dancers, The pioneers, The Lockers

When Lockerlegends first launched this website in 2004. It was the brainchild of Three Locking pioneers. One of them was Greg Campbellock Jr. Pope.It was his goal to help expose the world not only to Locking but to the many contributors and contributing factors that influenced this dance from its inception. during many of his workshops he promoted and taught many of the concepts and history displayed , Greg was not only an awsome dancer & choreographer. We at Lockerlegnds Lost a friend and a pioneer for the correction and truth of the Locking Legacy



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FRED “RERUN’ BERRY 1951-2003









To Our Dance Mate and Most of All Our Friend, Many Know him as Fred “ Rerun” Berry that Funny actor from the 1970’s sitcom Whats Happening” Some Know him as “Mr. Penguin” the entertaining Dancer in the Group The Lockers, but we at Lockerlegends know him as simply “Ping” a friend and companion .A person who reached and helped a lot of people in his desire and struggle to show the world that his weight was no barrier but an asset which he used gracefully, weather he had one dollar or thousands he was the one dancer who would share his last. I have never read or heard of an article where he has talked negatively about the brotherhood of locking. To a true Giant of the Artform we will always miss your your smile and laughter. Every time we hear thunder we will think of Penguin landing one of his master butt drops in heaven

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Morris “Cisco Kid” Bailey
One of the real early Pioneers ofLocking from the early 1970’s , He ws an early dancer on The “Soul Train ” dance show, and was a regular on the streetdance and club scene in Las Angeles. during the original Locking dance movement. He was a member of the Original “Ghetto Dancers” (also Known as the Original group ” Capt Crunch & The Funky Bunch”) from 1973 to 1976, He was a quick energetic dancer whowill be missed by all those who were blessed enogh to
share a dance floor with him
Lil Joe Chisim original soul train gang
Enock “Elmer Fud”Smith (RIP) 1988 to 1986 A member of the original GoGo yo yo brothers family dance crew, party and street legends ,who performed with the early group
1980’s old school pioneers of locking
Locking Fossal, a local Los Angeles pioneer of the street style
Stephan “Skeeter Rabbit of the EB’s” Nichols of the Electric Boogaloos , (RIP) not to be confused with
The original Skeeter rabbit of the original 1970s era , stepgh primarily made his mark as popper and member of the 1980s group ‘The Electric Boogaloos . but he also learned to lock in the mid 1970s ,adapting the originals name
 The Musical Inspirations



Micheal Jackson 1958-2009

We have lost many greats who have inspired and contributed to the movement. But What Micheal Jackson contributed to the entertainment world of music goes beyond discription, It is not only what he ment to us as a musical artist, But also what he ment to us as a dancer who took to the world the rythem and passion which was taking place on the streets and in the cities accross America, Micheal has become and inspiration to millions. Without Micheal what we see done today on the floors of dance studios, stages and screens, would have been stuck in dark streetcorners and apartments, seen by a few, His quick spins, and glides, along with his interpretation of dances like Locking and popping set the world on fire. He was a tremendous influence on the world, his concepts of brotherhood and unity, coincided with the mission of our beloved Artform of Locking, and its streetdance influence on Micheal is never more evident, than the video below in which the Jackson 5, display there rendition of locking , we were never more proud than to see the king of Pop, gracefully tribute steps like The Skeeterrabbit, Scoobydoo, Stop & Go,
Thanks and Much love Micheal RIP
Old school Locking pioneer Guy Evans has nominated Micheal Jackson to be proclaimed a honorary LockerLegend

James Brown (RIP) “The Godfather of Soul”
James brown was the spearhead of the funk movement “say it loud i’m black and i’m proudthis song sung live on soul train in 1972, This song not only was the cry for the social movement but became the theme for the street dance movement, in the clip you see Locking by various pioneers of streetdance, but not just locking , but Locking with a purpose and a cause








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