YES there Is there Politics in Locking ?

People are exploited within the streetdance community because of greed & ignorance . Politics do not simply mean controversy or beefs. it is strategic postering for power and the ruthlessness of politics often disregards truth in exchange for power and opportunity

absolutely there is politics in all aspects of Locking from the positioning of allies within the judging ,to the selection of workshop jobs. most people do not like the term politics because they relate it to controversy .but politics is played for power within business , organizations , government and YES street dance

Lets first take al look at the term politics from the perspective of authenticity to todays dance scene. In particular the international dance scene . Where it is often the idea that to get the most powerful to be the most recognized people within that genre of dance to recognize you or your organization as authentic. There must be a political game played

The cocept of an affiliation or endorsement from a famous or all known original of Locking could almost assure ones credibility to market themselves within an ever evolving Streetdance industry , their events and organizations. So it was no surprise to those who came from locking history that the political game is to offer something to the person with the ability to offer credibility. Often that was a strategic POLITICAL decision, not based on knowledge and qualifications. That positionwas often given to the person who will further the agenda of the promoter or student. To be clea.If a selected teacher of fames’ philosophy whether, correct or in correct , whether accurate or accurate , backed by history or not, does not further the students or promoters agenda. they simply find or create one who will endorse their philosophy in exchange for travel, money and opportunity. THATS POLITICS

I don’t know how many times I see Ogs posing with the very people who fought to discredit them in the past , when they didn’t need them to endorse their events , workshops & products. I don’t know how many times I see a student stick a phone recorder in a Ogs face who is new on this scene and ask a question the will put them against people who have fought for their recognition. Yes today they use the photo ops and recorded statements to contradict those who stood up for them in that past ,when they were overlooked & hidden. And the new to this scene Og is so anxious to be accepted they don’t take the time to learn recent history ,  to find out what has been taught or why it was taught and the affect that a non unified response will have in a now booming dance industry. 

I know you don’t want to be involved with politics , you just want to dance , but you can’t get away from it. When dance became a business politics became part of it  

You see Locking politics is much like governmental politics .. 


the term politics does not mean controversy like everyone thinks .. the term means that people will support who ever and whatever truth will most benefit them. Regardless of truth 

It’s the struggle for control through aligning yourself with the most powerful at the time and destroying all opposition to quench your thirst to obtain power 

Just like in business politics ,Flattery ( butt kissing ) and the power to hire & Fire is the element used to get ahead , not truth or education. As we are conditioned to believe 

If someone’s  power flatters and compliments a dancer and and acknowledges their accomplishments , and they also have the power to elevate a dancers opportunities. The can do no wrong , that is until another , with more clout and more power comes along 

you are expected to recommend and support the person with the opportunity for advancement regardless of of their philosophy on your dance & its history or CULTURE Just as in today’s governmental politics ,to disagree could mean discrediting & removal from being valuable to their agenda. So the person with low integrity will often stand with them against a unified purpose of preserving truth in history