Understanding Street Terminology

 recently read a post from an Og asking the question: about the difference between Hiphop & streetdance 

Obviously this is a issue that has developed since the trailer from the Movie “ Beyond Hiphop “ where many from today’s generation , or who are not from the culture of origin wrestle with the understanding with the evolution  of terminology 

To understand the difference between historical actuality and today’s terminology , you have to go back into several eras before today’s generation. 

The most recent of these eras is the evolution of today’s commercial underground and its events under the term of Hiphop. This is the time frame from the end of the 1900s to today. When a lot of the educational teachings of what these terms originally meant began to emerge. Explaining the changing in various ethnic social eras  through the decades into how they are seen & used today. 

For example:  Hiphop the movement has now become the commercial term Hiphop the sound , Hiphop the dance style. Hiphop the fashion look ,With not many understanding that Hiphop the dance style evolved from many styles which evolved from the term “ streetdance “ an issue I address in the movie beyond Hiphop and also just as much of the sound of Hiphop the music sound evolved from much of the message lyrics, poetry & music of the funk & soul era. Both of these eras developed these elements , which together created cultural art forms from a social issue movement. with the terms of its expression elements. Now confused As the source. 

There are many terms, the term movement itself now is confused with the technical movements of a dance style confused with the social movements for social change. Urban now has replaced inner city or hood which satisfies those within the dance & music that want to scue  the connection to the black community .. funky evolved form it’s Origins of smell & rhythm in certain communities to them it means strange or peculiar. Jam evolved from Jazz improvisation to mean , simply party. 

Even in my experience with the making of film “beyond Hiphop” I had to continually explain to the producer that I was talking about a different thing in referring to the movement while he was referring to the ascetic look or sound. So when you ask what is the difference between Hiphop & streetdance the understanding of what you are really asking varies from generation depending on the historical education into terminology they have received  & understand !    

The post I refer to actually make my point that even some who are today’s Ogs saw only a dance and are just now seeing the difference as it developed into a true cultural art forms. And the affect it would have on today’s generation without educational teaching ! 

And it is the vary reason I have said from the beginning “ Educate before you recreate “