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  • The Streetstyle Locking Battle

    The “Streetstyle” Locking Battle”   Our history through Locking shows us that there is much confusion involved with the various types of Locking competitions, we have seen where dancers have entered “Streetstyle” LOCKING BATTLES”  but do not include the elements of a street style battle when competing, What they usually do is come out turn […]

  • The simularities Parallels between the Music and Dance

    Where does the power of Locking come from ? The Paralells Between The Music and The Dance By Michael “Peekaboo” Frenke Sept. 2009 whats goin down? there r a lot of people out there that may b wondering about certain paralells between the the past and present state of the dance and the music. well i,as some […]


    Many of these groups and dancers were lost in the history, as we only recognized those we had seen on television or movies, but these are real street pioneers , some of which were actually before the Group the Lockers ever formed and was actually the inspirations for the performances of Locking that you were […]

  • Interview with Steve “Sugarfoot” Natorio

    THE DANCEOPOLY GAME and The Locking Chart Question: Hey steve its great to have you with us , This Chart you have constructed is remarkable what inspired you to create it Steve: Well being taught from the old school I felt it was my obligation to give back, you know I tell the story about, […]